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The Mark Deering Team knows West Michigan! When you work with our team, you get over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, a team who cares about your move, and who is invested in their community. You also get a team connected with the largest RE/MAX office in West Michigan, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids. Our team is a client first team, and we continually work to make the transaction process seamless and simple, creating resources to answer questions and guide you through the process with informative videos, timely communication, and easy-to-use software. Because of this our team has won numerous production awards from RE/MAX and have hundreds of reviews from our clients.  

Our team is highly connected to the West Michigan community as well. We are all involved in outside interests whether that is mountain biking, CrossFit, fishing, golfing, theater, or volunteering with local charities. We know where the best coffee shops are, trails, kids activities, sights to see, schools, and more! Just ask us!

We’re excited you're here and hope to see you soon!

The Mark Deering Team

Super amazing team. Went well above and beyond our expectations with the selling of our home. Provided an interior decorator to help with staging our home and a professional photographer. Thought his video walk throughs they do were a nice touch and enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. Stay in touch and helped us through the entire process. 5 stars for sure. Highly recommended. ~Nick

Even in this tough market, we had an awesome experience with Remax, the Deering Team, and especially our agent, Mike Bursley. As first time homebuyers, we really didn’t know too much starting out, but now we feel so prepared and knowledgeable, plus we have a house that we love - all thanks to Mike & the Deering team. They had our backs every step of the way and we couldn’t recommend them more! ~Chelsea

I bought my house with Mark’s team (worked with Kevin) in 2017. They were extremely helpful as a first time homebuyer. They did such a great job that I wanted to work with them when I decided to sell. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Professional, responsive, and good folks. ~Alex

Mark Deering has become a family friend through both buying property and selling a home. Mark has traveled with me for years looking for just the right place and giving me sound advice. I never felt pressured to make a hasty decision. His knowledge of the market proved valuable when selling our home. I had many questions and he answered each and every one. His team provided help throughout the sale of our home from staging to closing. I would recommend Mark and the Deering Team for their expertise in both buying and selling a home. ~Ausma

They helped us find our first and forever home! As first time home buyers, we were lead in the right direction with knowledgeable, professional people who had our best interest in mind. We looked at several properties, even the ones he knew we wouldn't like but we wanted to see. Helped us put in our best offer, in a timely manner. He even drove a hour north of Grand Rapids to show us homes in our area. If we were to decide to sell our house and look for another, we would 100% list and search with the Mark Deering team at RE/MAX of Grand Rapids! ~Brandi

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What is the Grand Rapids Lantern Festival?

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Grand Rapids Lantern Festival…what the heck is it? I had the same question! A group of friends my wife and I hang out with said let’s go see the lanterns. I have to be honest, I was like…. Ok. It felt like one of those things you do with low expectations, and focus on the…

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In recent years, the trend of raising backyard chickens has soared, and for good reason. Not only do these feathered friends provide a sustainable source of fresh eggs, but they also offer companionship, pest control, and plenty of entertainment. Even if you have less than an acre of land, you can still embark on this…

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VIDEO: An Extraordinary Experience- Interviewing Military Veterans

By Wyatt Boetsma | 05/22/2024

I wanted to share a little about a really cool experience I had a couple of weeks ago. The Deering Team partnered with a very cool nonprofit called “Fishing With Veterans.” Every year, boats gather in Holland for the annual event, showing appreciation for our service members by taking them fishing on Lake Michigan! One…

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