We love our MVPs! These are our biggest fans who know, like, and trust us! A good majority of our business comes from our MVPs. They are great at recommending our team to those looking to buy or sell. This elite group of folks get the VIP treatment and first dibs on tickets for all of our events as a thank you for being passionate about what we do and supporting our team through referrals! 

Key traits of a Deering Team MVP

  1. Our MVPs welcome occasional phone calls from the team checking in and asking if they know anyone looking to buy or sell.
  2. Our MVPs know without a doubt that their referred friends will get A+ service!  
  3. Our MVPs enjoy being spoiled with perks and giveaways as our way of saying thanks! 
  4. Our MVPs are ready to give recommendations and make connections! MVPs love connecting people together to help them out and sharing about their experiences! These traits are key characteristics of MVPs, because connecting people to our team and spreading the word about our real estate experience is what our MVPs do! These recommendations and references go in both directions. We love supporting your business or favorite places too! Our MVPs are a network of like-minded people who enjoy making recommendations and connections. See our list of recommended businesses and ask to be added!   

Perks being an MVP

  1. First dibs on tickets to our events.
  2. Being spoiled by our team.
  3. Access to our MVP Facebook group.

If someone is….

  1. Buying or selling a home
  2. Buying or selling an investment property
  3. Buying or selling commercial properties
  4. Looking for recommendations on contractors or businesses for a project

We can help! These are all the perfect scenarios for recommending/referring our team! 

Video Resources for MVPS