10 Housewarming Gifts That Will Be Appreciated

Tired of bringing the same bottle of wine to your friends’ house warming parties? Here are some ideas that everyone will love to have at their home!

Ring doorbell-nothing feels better than knowing you’re home is secure and you won’t be surprised when someone shows up at the door. A Ring doorbell will bring that peace of mind to your friends or family and be an item they will always bring with them on their next move.

Custom Wooden Cutting Board-Cutting boards are always needed and why not get a beautiful sturdy wooden board they will always have around. It makes for a beautiful base for a charcuterie board too. We especially love the boards made by this company!

Portable Fire Pit with s’more kit-These Solo Stoves are highly portable and make a great backyard accessory. Add in a sweet s’more kit for your friends to make some great backyard memories!

Custom Door Mat-Welcome them home with a custom door mat that is perfect for cleaning shoes off and a reminder that this is their home!

Portable Projector-For memorable movie nights, why not have a projector? Great way to entertain kids while unpacking and no need to get the TV up and working! Also a fun accessory for backyard movie nights!

Salt and pepper containers and Apron-A classic gift of salt and pepper containers (and of course salt and pepper) to help add warmth and flavor to a home. Some fun aprons always make cooking more fun as well!

Gift Cards for Food-The last thing someone moving wants to worry about is cooking. Some gift cards for meals is always appreciated while getting settled in.

Personalized Pet Bowls-Don’t forget the pets! Some sturdy personalized pet bowls will make the furry friends feel right at home as well! There is a wide variety of them on Etsy to choose from!

Local Goods basket-Welcome to the area is best said with local goods! Grab some of your favorite foods, drinks, and/or items from local artisans and to create a gift that makes your friends or family feel like they are home!

Custom House Painting-A special art piece and memorabilia all in one! Hanging art on the walls is one of the best ways to make a place feel like home. Give your friends and family a head start with a piece like this. There are several different artists on Etsy who can make a beautiful rendition for you.

What are something you’ve gotten as a housewarming gift that you’ve loved? Let us know, and we might add it to the list! Whatever you choose to bring to your next housewarming party or moving day, your presence is always welcome to make their space feel like home!

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