2024 Home Design Trends We Love!

As realtors, we see first-hand home design trends and how they change over the years! From predominantly oak floors, cabinets, and trim in the early 2000s to the whites and greys of the mid-2010s, to the wallpapered rooms of the 80s, we’ve seen just about every design trend out there! Some catch our eye and we think will stand the test of time, while others feel like they have a very limited lifespan. Looking at what we see coming in 2024, these are the trends we love and think are great!

Biophilic Spaces

Biophilic design has been a big trend for a few years now. But we are seeing it go beyond natural materials, earthy color palettes, and plants to now being intricate in the fabric of the home. Large windows that frame breathtaking views and let in more natural light, water features, and seamless entry or exit from the outdoor spaces into the home. 

Dedicated home office spaces

With the huge changes to work and lifestyle in the last few years, dedicated home office spaces are becoming a necessity. More people are working from home, doing school at home, or owning businesses and need a space dedicated to those activities. These spaces can be anything from a separate room to a nook or corner in a larger common area. Either way, we can expect to see areas like this be a staple in homes for many years.

Color Pops 

While neutral and earthy tones dominate the overall color palette, 2024 introduces vibrant pops of color to add personality and energy to spaces. Whether it’s a bold accent wall, colorful furniture pieces, or art installations, homeowners are embracing the power of color to create focal points and express their style. This trend injects a sense of playfulness and creativity into the home, breaking away from the monotony of neutral tones.

Sleek Appliances

We’re seeing appliances become a fashion statement in the home, and we are loving some of the new design directions! Sleek, contemporary designs are replacing the classic stainless steel looks we’ve seen for a long time. Beautiful whites with gold accents, black stainless steel, and subtle or fun colors that reflect the homeowner’s design style! Be on the lookout for these trends especially in refrigerators! Some of the lines that have caught our eye recently are LG’s Cafe line, Samsung’s Bespoke line, and all of the Zline appliance styles!

Focus on Health and Wellness

The pursuit of a holistic and healthy lifestyle is influencing home design trends in 2024. Spas and saunas are no longer reserved for luxury resorts – homeowners are incorporating these wellness spaces into their homes. Thoughtfully designed spa bathrooms with features like steam showers and soaking tubs provide a retreat for relaxation. Additionally, exercise spaces are seamlessly integrated, promoting physical well-being with dedicated areas for yoga, meditation, and workout routines.

Kitchen Add-ons

The kitchen is the heart of the home and with more people cooking and entertaining in their homes, we are seeing the kitchen expand! Additions like wet bars, coffee nooks, butler’s pantries, and hidden pantries are becoming common. These spaces provide extra functionality through storage, dedicated small appliance areas, and adding more space without necessarily being visible. We expect this trend to continue for quite awhile, and we believe these additions can be an asset to any home!

Trends and fads come and go. Many of them can define a generation in either a good or bad way. Many of the current home trends are the result of world events over the past few years. We’re seeing homeowners making their home about them by creating spaces that cater to their lifestyle. Homes that they can enjoy being in and live in, and that’s what home is about. If you are looking to redesign your home or are building a home, look to incorporate designs and elements that create a space that matches your lifestyle, needs, and expresses who you are!

We love helping people find home whether that is buying a new one or turning your home into the space you’ve always wanted! We can help you with any real estate needs you have. Contact us anytime!

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