3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

As the weather turns cooler, it is all about the cozy vibes at home! You want a place that feels welcoming, warm, and like a nice hug after a long day at the office and on those dark nights in the fall and winter. Just like you change out your closet in fall and winter to sweaters and sweatpants, you can change out some things in your home to give it comfy, cozy vibes.

  1. Warm lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in how your home feels! Ever noticed how a school building or office building doesn’t feel super cozy? Think about the lighting temperature! Most of the lights in industrial spaces are cooler or more blue toned making them feel less inviting. Now think of the lighting in your favorite brewery or restaurant. It’s usually on the warmer side or more yellow or orange in tone, making the place more inviting and relaxing. If your home isn’t feeling the coziest, try changing out some of your lighting to be on the warmer side. Light some candles for a warm glow, and put your lights on dimmer switches so that you can control how much light you have on! These small changes will have a great affect on the feel of your home!
  2. Add Texture: Our eyes don’t like to look at one texture across an area too much, and if you want to make a place feel cozy, adding more natural textures to your place will make it look and feel cozier. Blankets and pillows in soft, cozy, natural fibers and rugs that are plush will help your living spaces feel cozier. Using a variety of textures will make your home feel like it has depth and absorb sound creating a more welcoming environment.
  3. Make your place functional: Nothing is less inviting than being in a space that doesn’t feel like you can live in it. Being in a living room that feels like a showcase room doesn’t allow you to relax and sit back. Some great ways to help create a functional space? Making dedicated areas where food and drink can go instantly makes a living area more functional. Adding a bookshelf makes for a great talking point but also makes the space feel more lived in. Using fabrics that are easy to clean and having breakable items safely away (especially if there are kids around) can help relax you as a person so that you can help create a welcoming environment. Fixing drafts and making sure your home is a welcoming temperature is also a great way to make a space feel cozy and inviting.

With these tips, your home will be feeling cozier in no time and you’ll never want to leave come the dead of winter. If you want more tips on making a cozy home, check out the video below that inspired this blog. We’ve found Nick Lewis’s channel to be a great resource for interior design trends and looks.

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