4 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Making your home yours and a comfortable place to live should be everyone’s goal. Interior design trends for 2022 are all about making homes functional, warm, cozy, and happy places! Below are 4 of our favorite trends for 2022!
1. Warm Neutrals. Popular paint colors are moving away from the cooler greys to warmer greys and other warmer neutral tones! Don’t think of the all beige everything from the early 2000s. These are a little more sophisticated and light. You can also bring warm neutrals in through furniture, accent pieces, and hardwoods.
2. Multifunctional Spaces. Utilizing the space you have to it’s max is something we have learned over the past couple of years from working at home to online schooling, we’ve had to make space for activities that don’t normally happen in our homes. We are finding that rooms and furniture are being designed to be used in multiple ways to make the best use of whatever space you have. 
3. Nature Inspired Design. Think curved edges, natural materials like jute, wood, terracotta, and linen, and bringing the outdoors inside through florals, plants, and scents. All of these things have been proven to make us happier and can bring a coziness and energy to a space.
4. Vintage, Retro, or Repurposed Items. There is a great desire to connect with the past through our home design. Post modern and Art Deco are continuing to become popular, so expect to see more pieces that reflect these looks coming on the market. Buying second hand furniture to be eco friendly and find genuine vintage pieces is still very popular as well. Mixing new and old is a great way to create a unique space in your home.
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