4 Tile Trends to Try in Your Home!

Tile is a great way to add texture and color to places around your home. It is usually highly durable and will look great for years to come if installed well and taken care of. Whether a backsplash, shower, floor, or anywhere else you would want to use it, here are some tile trends that can work with any home style!

  1. Handmade tiles: The organic and natural look of handmade tile has been making a comeback since 2019. Because these tiles are handmade or made with a more “handmade” look, no two tiles are the same! This variation can add texture, warmth, and a natural feel to any look. Handmade tiles can be either beautiful patterned tiles, single colors, sculpted, or more flat and everything in between. Just confirm that the tile you fall in love with will work for the space you will use it in. For bathrooms, you want something that is not very porous so it won’t grow mildew. Kitchen backsplashes are a little more forgiving, but you might want something that is easily wipeable especially if it’s near a stove to prevent grease build up.
  2. Timeless Chequerboard: Chequerboard floors are making a return! This look can be anything from more subtle natural stone looks to the bold black and white that defined the 1950s! This trend has been on the rise especially in entryways, laundry rooms, but it is creeping into kitchens and bathrooms as well. There are so many ways this look could be utilized, but we think it looks stunning as a statement floor-even if using subtle colors. Add in a third color to your chequerboard floor, and it makes it even that much more interesting.
  3. Bold Colors: Neutral spaces seem to be going by the wayside, especially in bathrooms! Bold, rich colors are coming to the forefront. Depending on the color chosen, a bold tile could take a space either to playful or give a luxurious vibe. If going all out and doing the floor and walls a bold color in a bathroom, change up the tile type to distinguish between them and add more texture in the space. These bold color tiles tend to be high gloss adding even more richness to the look. While not a bold color, there are also amazing metallic tiles that can elevate a backsplash or space as well and add a more modern or maximalist look to a space.
  4. Bring it outdoors: Tile isn’t just for inside the house! Think outside too! There are several durable tile materials that would make an amazing addition to a patio, front porch, greenhouse or she-shed, or most any other space. You may not want it around a pool, though, since it can become slick and could be a slipping hazard. Using natural materials and colors help keep the space natural and blends it in with the landscaping. However you choose to do it, this look will make the outdoors feel elegant and homely.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with tile! Tile works with any look you’re after and is so versatile! From bold, to natural, to floors, to walls, tubs or fireplaces, tile works everywhere in your home! If you want some help deciding how to use tile in the design of your home, we have an amazing interior designer, Karen Wells, that we recommend!