5 Reasons We Love Grand Rapids, Michigan

You’ve heard us say often that Grand Rapids is a big city with a small town feel. We love living and working here and feel that Grand Rapids is such a unique place in the Midwest. The city is constantly growing and changing making it a place you’ll never get tired of exploring. Grand Rapids is one of the hottest markets in the Midwest, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are some of the reasons we love this area so much.

  1. The Food Scene is incredible! It seems like there is a new restaurant or brewery popping up every few months around here. There’s practically a brewery on every corner, so it’s no wonder why we’ve been labeled “Beer City, USA.” You can find any type of cuisine you want from Thai to Scandinavian to the American Classics all at price points for every budget. There are so many restaurants around that it will take a long time to try them all out, making Grand Rapids a great place for the foodie. Oh, and don’t forget all of the amazing local coffee shops too!
  2. There’s always something happening! You won’t get bored on the weekends around here with something happening all of the time! Between venues like Devos Performance Hall and the VanAndel Arena, there is always a variety of concerts and performance arts shows to attend. We also love large city wide events like LaughFest and Art Prize, along with festivals and fairs in the surrounding area. There’s always something new to do!
  3. It’s an Adventure Paradise! A city might not seem like an adventure paradise, but Grand Rapids has done an amazing job of creating areas for recreational outdoor activities and is in close proximity to many great adventure areas. There are several fun MTB trails, a few climbing gyms, Cannonsburg for winter sports, tons of amazing parks, great fishing, and fun rivers for kayaking. Plus you are only 45 minutes from Lake Michigan and can easily take a weekend camping trip to anywhere in Michigan. It truly is such a unique place for adventure lovers!
  4. All the sports in one place! We have the sports! Grand Rapids has elite teams for hockey, baseball, and basketball so you’re sure to find a team you want to follow! And if college football is your thing, it’s a couple hour drive to The Big House or Michigan State Stadium for some Big Ten Football. It’s easy to make the trip to Detroit for a weekend of pro sports as well. Whatever you want, we got it.
  5. Education and Culture! No matter what type of education you are looking for, Grand Rapids has something. If you want a great school system for your kids, Grand Rapids has some of the top schools in the state. Want to go a less traditional route and homeschool? Michigan is one of the most homeschool friendly states, and the Grand Rapids area has a thriving homeschool community with tons of opportunities for your kids. Ready for college? The Grand Rapids area has several amazing options with some of the best colleges in the state and US. There are also other ways to learn at Grand Rapids’ award-winning museums and zoos too!

There are so many more things that we could say for this city we call home. We didn’t even mention the top-notch healthcare systems, city transportation, beautiful scenery, and so much more! We truly believe that Grand Rapids is THE place to be in Michigan, and we think you’ll feel that way too once you’ve visited!

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