7 Reasons People Move.

In my over 25 years in real estate, I and my team have had the privilege of assisting countless individuals and families in navigating the intricate process of selling their homes. Each journey is unique and inspiring and brings its own set of challenges and expectations. There are many reasons people can choose to move or even be forced to move. Below are some of the most common ones that we have found in our experience. We’ve worked with clients who fit in each of these boxes and have successfully helped them navigate the terrain that comes with each.

1. Upsizing or Downsizing

One of the most prevalent reasons that homeowners consider selling their properties is the need to either upsize or downsize. Families evolve, and their space requirements change accordingly. Some may seek larger homes to accommodate growing families, while others prefer smaller, more manageable properties as their life circumstances shift. As a real estate team, we have learned to time the transition to your needs for the smoothest move possible.

2. Job Relocation

Life often takes us on unexpected journeys, and job relocations are a common part of that adventure. For many, moving to a different city or state for work necessitates selling their current homes. It’s a transitional phase filled with excitement and uncertainty. Our team has worked with dozens of people either moving to or from West Michigan for jobs with great results!

3. Financial Objectives

Selling a home can be a strategic financial move. Homeowners might choose to sell to pay off debts, invest in other opportunities, or capitalize on a thriving real estate market to generate a profit. One of my specialties in real estate is understanding the market and helping you understand the pros and cons of selling your home for financial reasons.

4. Divorce, Separation, or Death

Stuff happens in life, and sometimes needing to sell a home isn’t a happy occasion. I’ve dealt with many scenarios where home sales were surrounded by emotion and hard life circumstances. I always handle these situations with empathy and sensitivity, helping clients navigate the complexities of selling their homes during a challenging time.

5. Retirement

The golden years often signal a desire for a change in lifestyle. Retirees may choose to sell their current homes to pursue new adventures, whether that means relocating to a warmer climate, a quieter setting, or a bustling retirement community. Assisting retirees in finding their ideal homes for this exciting chapter of life is a fulfilling aspect of my role.

6. Evolving Preferences

Our tastes and preferences can evolve over time. Some homeowners simply wish for a change in their living environment. Whether it’s a desire to be closer to urban conveniences, experience a more tranquil neighborhood, or explore a vibrant community with amenities tailored to their interests. People can also wish to move closer to family or friends too. Whatever the reason for your move, we love helping clients find the perfect home for their evolving preferences and needs!

7. Maintenance and Repairs

As homes age, they often require increasing maintenance and repairs. For some homeowners, the prospect of ongoing upkeep becomes burdensome, prompting them to explore a fresh start in a newer property. I’ve helped many clients sell their old home to find a newer build or even build their own home!

No matter the life circumstances that cause you to move, our team is here to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible! If you find yourself contemplating a home sale for any of these reasons, let’s start the conversation! You can sign up for a FREE consultation where we will talk through the selling process and your home’s value to help you make the best decision for the next phase of life! Even if you don’t plan on selling until next year we can help!

Mark Deering
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