Seven Ways To Create A More Beautiful Front Door Entryway

One of the most welcoming features a house can have is a beautiful entryway. The front door is the first thing people see when they visit your house, and it can say a lot about the rest of your house, including the personality of the people who live inside.

If you are looking to add some character to your home’s exterior and add more curb appeal, decorating your front door may be exactly what you need to give your home more presence and personality. From wreaths to garlands, there are plenty of ways to put your stamp on your front door. Let’s look at some ways to dress up your front door that will add impact but won’t break the bank.

Upgrade Your House Numbers – If your house numbers are not clearly visible from the street, replace them with a new set that emergency personnel and guests can easily see. Consider choosing something more creative than standard numbers – like letter shapes or other ornamental embellishments that fit with the design style of your home. Upgrade those numbers and give them some character and style!

Upgrade Your Lighting – Lighting makes any porch look more inviting and welcoming. It can set a mood and highlight the best features of your home. A dark front door will leave you fumbling for keys, while an illuminated entrance will make it easy to find the keyhole or keypad and add a welcoming glow to your entryway. Outdoor wall lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can choose the lighting that best suits the style of your home’s exterior.

Another way to increase safety and add an element of drama and style to your home is by adding path lights along the path leading to your door. Your guests will appreciate that they can follow the lighted path directly to your door, and the added lighting will add drama to the exterior of your home.

Add a Wreath – Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. They add visual interest and style at any time of the year, and you can customize a wreath to fit the season. Wreaths are available in all sorts of styles, colors, and materials such as fabric, dried flowers, cotton bolls, fruits, or vegetables. Depending on the season or holiday, you might choose one of these ideas:
Wreath made of Easter eggs
Hanging door basket with daffodils for spring
Rustic Christmas wreath
Vintage ornament wreath
Simple floral wreath
Red, white, and blue July 4th wreath

Upgrade Your Doormat – A doormat is one of the first things guests step on when they arrive on your doorstep. Make it memorable. Not only will a stylish mat welcome visitors into your home, but it will also help keep dirt out of your house. No one likes dirty footprints on the carpet!

A doormat can add color too. To make your home feel bright and welcoming, choose a doormat with bold colors or patterns. Doormats with multicolored stripes are perfect for adding a pop of color to your entryway. Also, think about texture. Look for mats with unique textures, such as ropes or shells. They’ll help you set your home apart from the drab mats most people have on their porch.

Get a New Door Knocker – Knock, knock… who’s there? A door knocker is a functional and decorative piece that can help make a great first impression. Your front door should reflect the personality and style of your home. If your style is quirky, something as silly as a French bulldog door knocker will bring smiles from your guests, or you might prefer the more conventional elegance of a bold brass baroque door knocker. In either case, a new door knocker will change the look and feel of your front door and also offer functionality.

Paint Your Front Door a Happy Color – Paint the door a bright color. Bright colors such as red and yellow are cheerful and welcoming. A simple coat of paint in a happy hue adds personality, and you can change it when the mood strikes. Choose a gloss finish to protect the paint from rain, snow, and dirt. You could also add decorative trim around the edges of your front door so that it perfectly frames your door.

Place Flower Pots on Each Side of Your Doorway – Plant flowers in pots on either side of the entrance. This timeless look adds instant curb appeal and beauty to any door. Choose lush green plants or bright flowers that complement each other and grow well together in your climate and soil type. Choose eye-catching pots that complement the rest of your home and its color scheme, or perhaps a contrasting color. Consider annuals if you want vibrant colors all season long, or mix them in with perennials so they’ll come back year after year.

The front door plays a crucial role in the curb appeal of your home. It’s not just the focal point of your house; it’s often the first and last thing guests see when they visit. Make it memorable. Now you know how to make yours more eye-catching and engaging.