Adventure Challenge Date Night

What is a great Christmas gift for a newlywed couple that has been together for 10 years? Well, my husband, Travis bought us the Couples Adventure Challenge book. This book has a combination of DIY date night ideas or you get a box kit from the company to complete the date. There are 50 date nights in the book and each one is a mystery until you scratch it off. There is also a spot to put a picture next to each date night activity to chronicle your adventures. It’s a cool, unique gift!

We received our first box and waited until Valentine’s day to do it. Scratching off the description of the date night and opening the box revealed that the date was creating leather-bound journals for each other.

Neither of us had ever done leather stamping but were up for the challenge. Part of the challenge was putting a phrase on the front that was significant to you and showed your love to your partner. The first page is dedicated to making a collage of pictures or phrases that remind you of your partner. These journals then become keepsakes with each person writing notes to the other person every day. We’ve made it even more of a challenge by creating themes on what to write about and to each other in our journals on a weekly basis.

Travis wrote “Inspired by Love” on the front of his, and I put “So in Love” to remind me of our wedding day. The conversations that night while making these special memories were so rich and intimate. While we may not have done anything crazy for Valentine’s day, this was one of the best ones we’ve had together. We are excited to see what other date nights hold.

Renay Deering-Horton