Best Ice Cream to Explore in Grand Rapids This Summer!

The topic of who has the best ice cream is always up for discussion and in a city with what feels like hundreds of ice cream shops, you can’t go wrong wherever you go! However, here are our five top ice cream parlors in Grand Rapids, MI! Each offering has a unique and delicious experience.

1. Furniture City Creamery Located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Furniture City Creamery is celebrated for its artisanal approach to ice cream. They use locally sourced ingredients to craft small-batch ice creams and sorbets in a variety of inventive flavors. From Lavender Honey to Salted Caramel, each scoop at Furniture City Creamery promises a delightful taste of local craftsmanship.

2. Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate focuses on creating organic and locally sourced ice creams and sorbets. Their menu features a rotating selection of flavors, including unique combinations like Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries and Strawberry Balsamic. They also cater to vegan diets with coconut milk-based ice creams.

3. Jersey Junction A beloved fixture in East Grand Rapids since 1963, Jersey Junction is renowned for its nostalgic atmosphere and classic ice cream treats. This charming ice cream parlor serves up traditional favorites like sundaes, floats, and banana splits, making it a perfect spot for families and anyone craving a taste of old-fashioned ice cream goodness.

4. Frosty Boy Located in Wyoming, just outside Grand Rapids, Frosty Boy has been a local favorite for decades. This classic ice cream stand offers soft-serve ice cream cones, shakes, malts, and more. Known for its friendly service and nostalgic appeal, Frosty Boy is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a simple and delicious ice cream treat in a relaxed setting.

5. Scooper’s Ice Cream Shoppe Situated in the heart of Ada, Scooper’s Ice Cream Shoppe is a charming spot known for its large selection of ice cream flavors and generous portions. They also offer delicious frozen yogurt, making it a versatile choice for those looking for a lighter option.

And on the outskirts of town try: Double Dip Depot, The Ice Cream Garage, Woody’s Cone Shop, and Tippy Cow!

These five ice cream parlors in Grand Rapids offer a diverse range of flavors, styles, and atmospheres, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every ice cream lover’s craving. Whether you’re in the mood for artisanal creations, classic favorites, or customizable treats, these spots promise a delightful and memorable ice cream experience. As always, weigh in with your favorites on or off the list and maybe we will have to try something new ourselves!

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Kevin Ahrens