Best of West Michigan: Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? There are so many great pizza places around West Michigan that it can be hard to choose which are our favorites! You can’t go wrong with any of these places below! Grab some pizza and your favorite drinks for a great night out or in!

Mike and Mark’s Pick: Peppinos Pizza-Allendale

Peppinos Pizza is my go to place when I’m craving a piece of pie. Personally I’m a thin crust Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushroom kind of person and I do have to say that we are typically there at least once a week with a group of friends as they have a great menu and a fine dining area. If it’s a deal you’re looking for and may want to take a guest out for lunch, Thursday is my personal favorite as they offer a 14″ 3 topping for $14 along with a refreshment special.
There are Peppinos locations all over West Michigan, so don’t hesitate looking up one near you. ~Mike
(Mark would like to add that it’s so good that it will all be gone before you can get a picture of it, especially if you grab it for takeout because you might want to eat all of it on your way home.)
Beth’s Pick: Mitten Brewing
The Mitten Brewing Co. is not only local, but a great spot to grab a beer and pizza! Their pizza is always hand made and one of a kind. They have great, unique choices, like chicken and waffle or as pictured here Buffalo Chicken pizza.  Best part about it is that their pizza’s can be made vegan or gluten free!
You’ve seen this restaurant before as my Sangria pick, but they needed to be on this list too. Their pizzas have been a favorite in our family for years. Their crust is amazing and perfectly crispy and all of their toppings are high-quality and fresh. Some of my favorite pizzas include: The Oranator, Margherita, The Baker’s Wife, and Roasted Garlic and Chicken. Sit down in their restaurant for a quiet atmosphere with some great drinks and desserts, or get it to-go for a night at home. They also have vegan and gluten-free options!
Kevin’s Pick-Los Mariscos de Pancho
My family and I LOVE a traditional pizza… but with it being National Pizza Day the first thing that came to mind this year was Los Mariscos De Panchos and their famous Pizza Birra! It is stacked with meat and cheese inside of two 12 inch tortillas with cilantro, onions, hot sauce (on the side) and of course their delicious broth for dipping. They have a limited menu and the Pizza Birra is at the top of their exclusive options! They’re currently only open Thursday through Sunday and they often sell out before they close, so don’t wait! Los Mariscos De Panchos is offering some great options to meet your Super Bowl needs this Sunday, so spice up your traditional Super Bowl Sunday Pizza choice and choose a local fan favorite! Just ask anyone whose had the pleasure of trying the delicious Pizza Birra (and many many Kent Co residents have!)… you will not regret it!

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