Our team has decades of experience working with clients and builders in the new construction process. We love helping people bring their homeownership dreams to life through the new construction process. We know that you are always busy and that it can be a struggle out there! We’d love to partner with you and help you be able to focus on what you do best so you can thrive! There are 6 ways that we can help you continue to be successful at what you do. 

6 Ways We Can Help You!
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    Showcase You and Your Upcoming Builds to Our Clients

    Our team has 4 buyer's agents with 10-15 active clients each. We are experts in providing solid advice to our clients during their home search, and many times that means new construction homes! We want to partner with you to sell your services to our clients who want to build. Whether it's just general information about your company and your specialties or upcoming projects, let's talk about how you could help our clients with their needs!

    Help Your Clients Sell Their Homes

    We know that the majority of new construction clients are current homeowners. We also know that timing the sale of an existing home with the completion of a new build can be tricky. With our expertise in this field we can help clients successfully make the transition from their existing home to their new home. We’d love the opportunity to give your clients the same high-quality service that you seek to give them in the home selling process.

    List and Market Your Spec Homes

    Just like we wouldn’t want to become home builders, becoming a real estate agent may not be something you want either. Dealing with the hassle of selling a spec home while trying to manage other building projects can be a lot to juggle. We can take that task off your plate and sell your spec listings for you. We’ve been selling homes in the West Michigan area for over 25 years and have fine tuned the process with expert marketing and a smooth transaction process. Let us use our expertise to ease your workload so you can do what you do best, build amazing houses!

    Market Your Services

    We get it, marketing can really be a drain on your time and resources, but it’s also something you have to do. Let us create some pieces for you to help showcase your work! Our team is one of the few teams in West Michigan with a dedicated Marketing Specialist on staff who excels at video! We’d love to offer our services in this area and make a professional video for you showing who you are and your work. We can do a spotlight video, or a tour of your latest Parade of Homes build! These videos get shared with our huge database and shown to prospective new construction clients to help them decide who to work with. You’d be able to share these videos with your sphere and clients as well. We’d also love to feature you on our preferred builders page of our website too.

    Keep You Informed on Lots for Sale

    We sell a number of lots each year and would love to give you the inside scoop of what we have coming or available. We can send you an email as soon as we have lots available to help take some of the searching out of your day. 

    Host Your Open Houses or Parade of Homes for FREE!

    Let us help you free up your Saturdays and Sundays by hosting your open houses for you! We have a large team of agents that are able to help you out in this area. We can do the same thing for any of your Parade of Homes as well. We know that Parade of Homes is a busy time for you as a builder and if you’d like a few hours or a night off, we’d happily help you get some down time!

    We look forward to partnering with you to create an amazing experience for your clients and ours as well as help you thrive as a builder! If you are interested in any of the services, fill out the form below and let’s work together!