Community Spotlight-Lakeshore Concrete Solutions

The garage is sometimes the last place we think about when buying a home, but a finished garage can add value and so much flexibility to your home.  Imagine being able to use the space for family and friend gatherings, a game room, an easy-to-clean workspace…the possibilities for a finished garage space go beyond just storing your vehicles. While many garages may have finished walls, the floor can be one of those items that seems frivolous but is amazing when you do it! A finished garage floor makes clean-up so much easier! All the normal Michigan weather and dirt we deal with just slides right off a finished cement floor. Living in Michigan, salt is one of the necessary evils that we deal with every winter. Well, we know that salt is also corrosive and can eventually eat away at cement. Sealing your garage floor can protect your garage floor from any salt issues as well! A finished garage floor can also bring your whole garage together and create a cohesive look! There are many different base and fleck colors to choose from to complement any colors you have in your garage! Don’t just think about your garage either! Sealing concrete floors in other areas of the home has become very popular as a low-maintenance and stylish solution for basements and even main living areas! You can even have areas outdoors sealed so the cement lasts for a long time while looking polished! The possibilities are endless and the investment in your home is worth it!

Check out the transformation of Mark’s garage and how Lakeshore Concrete Solutions can help you transform your spaces whether it is the garage, basement, or other concrete flooring spaces.

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