Enjoy Indoor Golf at Golf 616 | Community Spotlight

Our buddy and fellow RE/MAX cyclist, Jon Howell, turned his love for golf into a business, and it is an awesome facility! Golf 616 is a premier indoor golf company that is all about sharing the fun that is indoor golf. There are 4 open bays and a VIP room open for rentals, plus some small foods, and a little well-stocked pro shop. There are fun bar areas to sit and heckle your friends and enjoy watching people play, TVs to watch the game, and putting greens to sharpen your greens game. The technology of these golf simulators is not the clunky software of the earliest versions. There is now high-tech clubhead tracking to help you hone in your swing. Each computer is loaded with over 200 courses from around the world, allowing you to hit balls at a course it’d cost thousands of dollars in travel to play. There are also some fun games for the kids to enjoy (or if the “Big Kids” want a break too.)

Located in the old Elk Brewing building on West River Dr., Golf 616 is conveniently located for a quick in and out golf fix. Jon wants to make Golf 616 THE resource for golf, especially indoor golf! In future he’d love to see high school teams come for training days, have an onsite golf pro for instruction, and league nights! We’re excited to watch his business grow and hope you’ll go give indoor golf a try. Tell Jon we sent you!

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