Facebook Marketplace or “Waste?”

Is it still available!?

I use Facebook Marketplace when it comes to household items.. and maybe some nonessential items too! I have bought grills, lawn equipment, tools, furniture and even decking material. It is a convenient spot for me to seek out a deal for an item I am trying to find. Yet this can lead me to browsing unnecessarily and messaging someone about a 1998 Jeep Wrangler I wasn’t even shopping for! So, I wanted to explore other people’s thoughts about Facebook Marketplace! As I am using it 90% for shopping and 10% for listing… I consider it a hunt to find the best deal out there, yet also this triggers a FOMO because it’s a good deal! I am certainly guilty of going down that rabbit hole!

The wide range of items available on Facebook Marketplace can make browsing addictive, as users may enjoy the thrill of discovering unique or discounted products like I mentioned! The fear of missing out on great deals or rare items can drive compulsive behavior and spending on Facebook Marketplace. Hence, the line, “Is it still available?” Maybe I need to look into representing buyers on this platform.. haha! But seriously some kind of a bidding system could help sellers because, as of now, it is more of a first come first serve basis…remember those days in real estate?

So is it a “waste?” Here are some things to consider:

  1. Value Perception: For some users, Facebook Marketplace offers value by providing a convenient platform to buy or sell items locally. They may save time and money by finding deals or earning extra income through the platform.
  2. Productivity vs. Leisure: Using Facebook Marketplace can be considered a productive use of time when it fulfills a specific need, such as finding essential items or decluttering one’s home. However, excessive browsing or time spent on low-value transactions may be seen as wasteful if it detracts from more meaningful activities or goals.
  3. Personal Satisfaction: Engaging with Facebook Marketplace can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for users who enjoy hunting for bargains, making successful sales, or connecting with others in their community.
  4. Potential Downsides: On the other hand, excessive time spent on Facebook Marketplace without tangible benefits can indeed be considered a waste of time. This might include aimless browsing, getting involved in disputes or scams, or neglecting other responsibilities or hobbies.

Ultimately, whether Facebook Marketplace is a waste of time depends on how it fits into an individual’s priorities, lifestyle, and values. It can be a valuable tool for some users, but it’s important to use it mindfully and balance its usage with other aspects of life.

And I would agree, I think there is a sense of decluttering efficiently I like, and with the right level of self-control by using it as a buyer to find a specific, needed item, you could actually save a substantial amount of money! What are your thoughts on how you see or use the platform? Let me know!

I also love shopping for homes with people! If you’re looking for a home, let me know, and let’s get started on the home-buying process!

Kevin Ahrens