Fall Maintenance Projects

It’s almost that time of year, the holidays are steadfastly approaching as they always do. It seems Summer is just a mere fragment in our memories. Although, it has been a great transition into fall with gorgeous sunny weather and warmer than usual climates. Along with the change comes a list of household duties, and here I wanted to lay out a few of them are sometimes overlooked.

1. Clearing Out Gutters – Remove Sticks and Leaves that block gutters from freeing flowing run-off.

2. Covering Condenser – Protect your air conditioning unit from the elements by covering the unit with a tarp and some bungee cords or the manufacturer vinyl cover.

3. Bleeding Out Sprinkler Lines – Any water lines that run outside or in an are with potential below freezing temperatures will need to be shut off and ‘bled’ (relieving the water pressure built up in the line).

4. Stake Driveway and Sidewalks – The snow will fall weather we like it or not and weather you hire your snowplowing or do it yourself having reference stakes will help with a blanket of snow covering your drive!

5. Roof Cable Heater – If you have peaks and valleys in your roof, purchase a cable heater to break up the build up of ice damns in corners of your roof and prevent thousands of dollars in damages long term.

These are just a few things to consider getting done around your home before the seasons completely change! There is still a considerable amount of time, but don’t procrastinate because you know what state we live in!