Fat tire biking West Michigan | Fat bike? Where? How? Why?

What is a fat bike?

What are those HUGE tires for and what is the hype all about? Not too long ago, fat tire bikes were introduced in West Michigan. These crazy looking bikes actually serve a purpose that is proving to be not just another wheel size fad. These wide tires provide the stability to ride your bike all winter! Tires up to 5 inches wide create traction to the ground and make it comfortable to ride in any conditions mother nature can throw at you. These wide tires also invite sandy beach riding. (We will cover that in a post next summer)
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Where do you ride them?

Many West Michigan mountain bike trails will be groomed for fat biking this year. Merrell, located in Rockford, is a favorite among many local cyclists. The flow of the trail makes for great fat bike experience! Cannonsburg Ski Area and Yankee Spring Recreational area to name a few more that will be ready for fat bikes.
Details on Merrell Trail Rockford Michigan
Yankee Springs Trail information

Looking to travel and fat bike? Marquette Michigan is quickly becoming a destination for fat biking!

Ski resorts across Michigan have embraced this outdoor adventure activity and offer groomed trails on their grounds. Many of these locations offer rentals of the fat bikes if you want to give it a try! Our local ski resort, Cannonsburg Ski Area, offers groomed trails and bike rentals.
Cannonsburg Ski Hill information

Race promoters have seen the popularity grow with fat biking and races are now a norm across the state! Many cyclists see this as an opportunity to stay in shape and not hang up the bike for the winter.

How do I see and test ride a fat bike?

If you are interested in seeing fat bikes up close and ask questions, go to Grand Rapids Bicycle Company. They have 3 locations and a friendly knowledgeable staff.
See fat bikes local at Grand Rapids Bicycle Company

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