Get Rid of Clutter with a Quick Garage Sale

Yard sale, rummage sale, garage sale, tag sale. Whatever the preferred name is in your part of the country, it is a great way to get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t want to move to your next house. Decluttering is key to presenting your home at its best when it is on the market. There are likely plenty of collectibles, wall hangings and family photos that you want to get boxed and stored in the basement or garage while your house is for sale, but you may have a great inventory for a yard sale, too.

Whether you are a garage sale pro or novice, there are plenty of helpful hints to make the sale run more smoothly and net you the best results.

Declutter Everywhere

Go through your house room by room hitting each closet, drawer, surface and wall. Box up the keepers and set aside the items for sale. If you haven’t used it for months, get rid of it.

Sort and Price

It’s easiest if you sort all your things into categories before pricing. Dedicate the garage or a room in your house as your sale headquarters. Organize into kitchen items, clothes, toys, books, electronics, etc. Then spend the time to price everything individually. With the exception of a category that you plan to price identically, such as paperback books, you need to put a price tag on each piece. It will make your sale go much more smoothly if you don’t have to price things on the spot when your customers make inquiries. Try not to overprice; this is a yard sale, after all. Also, round to the nearest dollar to make check out easier for you and the buyers.

Advertise Your Sale

Run an ad in the local newspaper if that is still customary in your town. However, much of your advertising will be done online. There are dozens of websites that promote garage sales. Choose as many as you like, including community ones like Craigslist and Facebook pages that promote local garage sales. Include photos of a few items you think might be especially enticing for buyers. Put up signs where they will get the most traffic, making sure your lettering is large and easy to read. If your subdivision is having a neighborhood sale that coincides with your time frame, plan your sale for those dates. Many garage sales means lots of customers coming to buy and your neighborhood will handle the advertising.

Get Ready for the Sale

  • Display things on long tables and hanging racks that people can browse through easily.
  • Put a few interesting items near the end of your driveway to encourage people to stop and shop.
  • Have a power strip ready so customers can see that appliances, lamps, and other electronics are in working order.
  • Get a cash box or money pouch with plenty of small bills for making change.
  • Expect early birds even if your ads clearly state your start time. They nearly always come.

Plan for Leftovers

You will have items left when your sale ends. If you still have large pieces, such as furniture, consider selling them on Craigslist. For everything else, do a quick inventory and take it all to a charitable or resale store. Have a plan in mind that you can execute immediately so none of your clutter makes its way back into your house.

A yard sale is your opportunity to get rid of your unwanted odds and ends while turning a profit. You can put the money towards moving costs or redecorating your new home. Definitely a win-win with the clutter gone and new cash in hand.