Home Design Trends You May Want to Rethink

There are some home trends that look stunning and really make a statement, but they might not be the most practical things to have in your home. If you are designing your home, make it to what fits your lifestyle best, and not necessarily to what is the prettiest trend of the day. After all, you’re the one looking at it, cleaning it, and living in it every day. Below are some interior design trends you might want to rethink before installing. 

Marble Countertops: They are gorgeous, feel luxurious, and make a statement. No matter the color, marble will give your kitchen an elevated look, but it might not be the right solution for you. Marble requires quite a bit of upkeep to make sure it doesn’t stain, and they can scratch fairly easily because of the stone’s “softer” properties. However some people prefer the “broken in/lived in” look that marble can have after years of use. If you are someone, though, who wants things to stay looking pristine, there are other solid countertop alternatives that could work better for you. These could include quartz, granite, or corian.

Black Surfaces: Black surfaces are making a statement everywhere in houses. From countertops, to stairs, to walls, and floors, black is in! Black and white is probably one of the most striking and luxurious looking combinations in home decorating because of the high contrast look. But, before you break out the black paint, you might want to think about a few things. It may seem counterintuitive, but black shows dirt very easily. If you are a neat freak, the chore of trying to keep black surfaces looking perfect could be taxing for you. Pet hair, the slightest bit of dust, you name it, you will see it on a black surface. Scratches and dings in black surfaces can also be much more noticeable than on lighter surfaces, so if you really want black, you might want to keep it away from high traffic areas. If you do use black on your stairs or high-traffic areas, you might want to look into using a paint finish that will make clean up easier and make it more durable. 

Glass Showers: Nothing says modern and sleek like a beautiful glass shower (especially a frameless one)! They look stunning and add a certain elegance to your bathroom but are they the best option for you? Keeping glass clean can be a chore, and that new glass sparkle may not be achievable for the lifespan of the shower. There are certainly some amazing cleaners out there to keep them shiny and lots of internet hacks to help you with a cleaning routine, but for some people, they might find all of that a hassle to do. They also could be uncomfortable for people who may not want to shower in a completely see-through environment. There are many varieties of glass showers, though, so even if the more modern looking ones are your style, you’re sure to find something. 

Vessel Sinks: They don’t take up much space and can add some sophistication or interest to a space, but is one right for you? They can be difficult to clean and the exposed edges on them could chip or be damaged. Kids might have a hard time reaching into the sink as well for washing hands and brushing teeth. However, there are some advantages to them. Because they aren’t sunk in, they can be moved easier or changed out easier and depending on the sink shape, they can add more counter space in a small area because they aren’t sunk in. 

Open Shelving in Kitchens: Open shelving can be THE thing that pulls a design together in a kitchen! Those gorgeous wood shelves adding a rustic touch and warmth to an all white kitchen look amazing! They are also DIY and budget friendly, but they can also pose some difficulties. In most cases, you are giving up more cabinet space, and if used to store everyday dishes, they can look cluttered and detract from the design of the kitchen. They also get way more dusty than cabinets, so that is something else to consider. Open shelving definitely has its perks and can even be useful for people who struggle with “out sight, out of mind” problems that can present themselves in disorders like ADHD, but you’ll want to make sure that they are right for you. 

Home trends come and go and your home can change with your personal needs. You may find that you like how something looks, but then practically don’t like it at all. In the end, your home is the space you feel comfortable in, so make it yours! Do you have anything you’ve done in your home and regretted? We’d love to hear about it! 

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