How Has COVID Affected the Millennial Workforce?

From the elbow bump and staying 6 feet apart while wearing face masks, this year brought a number of changes to our lives. As a Millennial, and someone who runs a business group for Millennials, I wanted to know how this pandemic has affected those in my generation in the workforce. So, I reached out to those in my group and asked a few questions. “Has your workload changed?” “Did your company downsize or hire?” “Are you working remotely or in-person?” The answers included multiple industries from automotive, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and, of course, real estate. 

There were some similarities in responses about personal workload. Most are dealing with either an extra area of workload or extra hours due to demand. Due to furloughed jobs or hour cuts in areas, there have been adjustments to job titles and roles to compensate. I think it’s safe to say that most companies are still in the process of figuring out how to hang on and keep pace with production or volume while maintaining health and safety standards.

Those currently showing up to a place of work have standard procedures such as daily temperature checks and sign in questionnaires to ensure everyone’s well being. After some follow up questions, most think this will stay in place for a few years at least! In some cases, workloads have shifted to working remotely. Many see this trend continuing through use of video technology to host meetings and run teams.

So Real Estate is a bit of the odd duck out as it is catching fire after most of the shelter in place was lifted. We are on a climb of number of homes sold and average purchase prices going up across the board. With interest rates at record lows, this projection will keep demand high for home sellers. Most sustainable brokerages like ours within RE/MAX are growing to keep up on volume and will continue to as the economy ramps up!

With that said, how has this affected your work? If you’d like to share any of your experiences, struggle or even successes, we would like to hear! 

To learn more about the Wise Millennial group contact Kevin Ahrens via email at [email protected]