Inspiration from Luxury Homes to Make Your Home High-End

Luxury homes are always amazing to look at! We love seeing what makes these homes feel luxurious and high-end and wish our homes looked like that. Often times it’s hard to figure out what you could make work in your home if you see it in a different space. After looking at tons of new construction, luxury, and high-end homes over the last couple of months, we wanted to share some of our favorite high-end items to bring your home to the next level!

Hard Surface Countertops!

Adding hard surface countertops to your kitchen or bathroom can instantly make your space feel luxurious! There are hundreds of different countertop types in all different colors to complement any design! Some of the most popular countertops that we’ve seen are quartz, marble, and granite. Each has pros and cons, but it can’t be denied that they are all beautiful and can tie a space together. These blue granite countertops were some of the most unique we’ve seen!

Create an Outdoor Living Space!

Having an area in your backyard for outdoor activities and gatherings is becoming pretty standard. Summer days in Michigan are short, and it’s best to enjoy them outside! Porches, decks, patios, 3-season rooms, and firepits are all options for creating that great outdoor space to chill and converse. If you want a water feature, adding a hot tub or pool could be the ticket. Adding additional outdoor living areas can make your home feel twice as big, giving friends and family more space to spread out! This house has one of the most amazing outdoor spaces we’ve seen lately!

Update Light Fixtures!

This one is a little more simple and can change the look of your space so much! From the look of the lighting fixture itself to the type of bulb you put in, it can really accentuate the look you want in your space and make it feel cohesive and high end! There are thousands of different light fixtures to choose from that will fit any look you want! This luxury home had some really eclectic lighting, but it really ties together the glam/mid-century modern look they wanted! Especially in the speakeasy!

Create Cohesive Style!

This is probably THE number 1 tip for creating a high-end home! Picking a style and adding bits and pieces of it through out your home through colors, textures, and materials is one of the easiest and best ways to upgrade your home! If you love bright colors, why not try a glam or bohemian style? Want muted tones and clean spaces? Maybe Scandi or Japandi would work! Love contrasts of black, whites, golds, and some moody colors? Mid-Century Modern might be perfect for you! Research what style you like and then recreate it in your home! Whatever you pick, make it work for you and your family! If you want some inspiration, take a look at our home tours playlist! This home is a great example of mid-century modern design!

This isn’t a comprehensive list at all, but hopefully it gives you some inspiration for your home! Sometimes it can feel that the look and feel of luxury homes is out of reach for your own home. Breaking down why a home feels luxurious into smaller elements can make it feel more attainable! You may not need to do an over haul of your home, it could just be doing a few small things that add a punch! If you need some professional help, our interior designer, Karen Wells, is amazing to work with! She can help you make an action plan for making your space what you want it to be! We also have a huge list of contractors that can help you with projects too!

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