Let’s Talk About Communication! 4 Ways We Stay in Touch!

If there is one thing that technology has given us, it is multiple forms of instant communication! Gone are the days of just talking via snail mail or in person, now there are so many ways of sending information that it can be a bit overwhelming! We believe that your real estate experience is only as good as our communication with you. We want to reach you where you are, which is why we use several different means of communication during the transaction process. Below are 4 of the ways that we ensure you receive the information you need whether it is papers that need to be signed, videos, or new listings to view!

  1. Group Texts-This is our primary source of communication! We realize that many people prefer to text today than did in the past, so we have evolved to using group texts! Your group will have you, your agent, Mark, and Jessica in the thread so that nothing gets missed! Many times if we need to get information to you quickly, like sharing a brand new listing, the group text is where we will send it to you! Jessica, our Transaction Coordinator, is responsible for getting all of the paperwork in on time for you, so she will chime in with signatures that might be needed or paperwork that needs to be reviewed. Your agent will share listings with you, confirm showings, and generally talk about anything that you have questions about in that thread. Mark is there to offer advice and help out when needed!
  2. Email-Yes, email is still relevant these days! We use email pretty extensively to send over documents that need to be signed, information on what is going on each week of the transaction process, invites to events, and much more! We will always ask for your email address so that we can get these vital pieces of information to you!
  3. Phone Calls-Yep! We still talk on the phone! We still believe that talking on the phone is one of the most powerful tools and easiest ways to communicate when there are maybe things to discuss that would be more difficult by text or email. Some of these situations include reviewing offers, reviewing inspections, or any questions you have that can be answered better over the phone! Many times our first meeting or communication is by a phone call or even in person so we can talk through what you are looking for in your next home.
  4. In Person-You’ll be seeing a lot of your agent’s face during the home buying/selling process! First meetings, showings, inspections, and the closing table are the places you’ll see us the most. There are also other times that you can see us in person! One of our favorites is the client parties that we do throughout the year!

These are just some of the ways that we ensure you get the information you need when you need it. We’re sure that as technology evolves we will add more tools to our tool bag! We want you to be fully informed of what is going on every step of the way so that you can be confident not caught off guard during the transaction process.

Looking to move and want to work with a team that has a high-level of communication? We’d love to see if we would be a good fit for you! Contact us to set up a free, no-obligation consultation!