Make Your House Shine for a Home Showing

You’ve had photos taken, your home has been listed, and now it is time for your first showing (or open house)! What should you do to prepare? Below are a few things you can do to make sure your home has a great first impression!

  1. Clean up! Make sure all areas of your home are tidy! Pick up clothes, blankets, pillows, and toys. Make sure all beds are made, and kitchen counters are cleared off. Give your home a quick vacuum or sweep to get rid of food crumbs, pet hair, and general dirt. Wipe down counters, toilets, sinks, and tables. All of these things will make your home more appealing to anyone who come through!
  2. Get rid of the pet stuff. We know you love your pets, but you want to make sure that other people can see themselves in your home. Put the pet food and bowls away. Clean out the litter boxes. Put away the pet toys, crates, beds, and leashes if possible. If you can, bring your pets with you when you leave the house. Doing these things will help the interested buyers picture themselves in your home whether they are pet lovers or not!
  3. Turn on all the lights! A bright home is a welcoming home! Especially in the fall and winter months when it gets dark early, you want to make sure that your home is visible and inviting! Turn on the outside lights and all of the indoor lights to really brighten up your home. This will also help the showing agent as they will be unfamiliar with what light switches turn on which lights, and they can spend less time trying to figure out your light switches and more time talking to and showing their clients around your home!

In general, just keeping your home tidy and clean at all times will help reduce the stress of prepping for showings or open houses! Once your home is under contract, you can go back to living life as normal.

Watch Mark show the difference between a normal lived in house and one ready to show!

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