Moovies from the Mound

Summer isn’t summer in Grand Rapids without a visit to the 5/3 Ballpark for a baseball game, but with their season cancelled this year, that wasn’t going to happen. However, they put on Moovies from the Mound for two weeks in July and August. It was so fun to be able to go down to the stadium and spread out on the lawn and watch a movie on the big screen! They sold plots of 12’x12′ for $35 where your whole family or a bunch of friends can spread out.

They did a lot to make sure that this event was safe. People parked every other spot, they did temp checks before entering, and required masks until you got to your spot. They also had hand washing stations scattered around for people to use. There was food and (adult) beverages available for purchase.

It was nice to be able to get out to do something family-friendly and social distancing friendly at one of our favorite places in Grand Rapids. We saw one of their last scheduled movies, Night in the Museum, but heard that they may be doing some more movies while the weather is good. Follow 5/3 Ballpark to see future events!

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