New Medical Mile Apartments Open!

New Medical Mile Apartments Open!

A brand new 50+ million dollar building has been completed and apartments are open for lease! This new building is located downtown Grand Rapids in a great up and coming area to attract students and young professionals to the area. Sounds great right?

They have units for lease, 1 bed, 2 beds, and even 3 bedroom places! The cost for these units start at $1,400 a month, $1,850 for 2 two beds, and the three bedroom places start at $2,400 a month.

For $2,400 a month, you can approximately live in a $250,000 highrise condo in downtown Grand Rapids! Depending on your monthly expenses you might even have money left over!

You might think you are unable to buy a home because you don’t have 20% to put down or don’t have great credit. Well there are still great opportunities for you out there! Our preferred lenders offer some low down payment or or even 0% down options. Don’t have any credit? In some cases we can get you approved even with no credit! Crazy right?! It doesn’t hurt to ask, reach out!

Even if you are only residing in Grand Rapids for 2-4 years while you attend college please considering owning as an option! I can speak first hand; my girlfriend bought her first home while going to school and instead of walking away with debt she will make money now that she is selling!

*All figures in above article are estimates and we are not responsible for their accuracy*