Our Favorite Pies-Deering Team

Pie is one of the most versatile foods around! Make is sweet or savory, fruit or a cream fill, fancy or basic-you choose how you want to enjoy it! Our team has been baking, cooking, tasting, and enjoying some of our favorite pies! Some of these might be controversial but they are all delicious!

Beth’s Pick: Apple Pie. A classic in the pie world, apple pie is a house favorite! Not only is it a super easy pie to make, but with 6 ingredients total you can make a crust, middle and crumble topping. We aren’t the traditional family that likes the lattice topping, but a nice buttery crumble topping. We also have a split household; half of us love it warm straight from the oven, the other half, cold. Which do you prefer?

Jessica’s Pick: Cheesecake. My favorite pie is cheesecake! And before you say it is not a pie, Google it, it is indeed a pie! You can’t go wrong with a cheesecake; the creaminess, the buttery graham cracker crust, the different toppings, even just plain it is amazing. One of my favorite cheesecakes (however I have never been to The Cheesecake Factory) is Olive Garden’s White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! Yum!

Mark’s Pick: Cherry Crumb. When shopping for the best pie in the area you go to the company with “pie” in their name! Can’t go wrong with Grand Traverse Pie Company! I ordered the “Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb.” Come to find out it is their best seller, and I found out why! Wowza, it was yummy! I opted for a scoop of vanilla ice cream as well for the full experience. I am not a dessert guy, but when I have some, I like quality, and Grand Traverse Pie Company did not disappoint!

Katy’s Pick: Shepherd’s Pie. Another pie that could be controversial, but I think it counts since it has “pie” in it’s name. Shepherd’s pie has been a staple in our family for as along as I can remember! It is the ultimate comfort food and once the cold weather hits I start craving it! My sister is the one who makes it, and man, is it ever delicious! Made with Ground beef, veggies, tomato paste, wine, seasonings and topped with parmesan mashed potatoes it is hearty and satisfying.

What do you think of our picks? Do you have a favorite pie?


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