Parade of Homes 2021-Design Trends

It’s Parade of Homes season! We made our way out to look at 5 houses in the Ada/Lowell area on opening day to see what was on trend for home design this year.
All of the homes we saw were by different builders, in different price ranges, and all different styles. We had a great time touring and observing. Here were a few of our takeaways.

  1. Wallpaper is back! We’re not talking about the victorian looking florals or the other patterns that were in your grandmother’s house. These are textured, playful, or modern and clean designs. Wallpaper isn’t just for walls either anymore! We found wallpaper on ceilings too! If you are thinking of doing something different on your walls, wallpaper might give you that creative boost!

2. Mid-Century Modern Vibes. At least two of the houses were heavily mid-century modern inspired. Dark blues and greens, mustard yellows, black, and gold accents were very popular.

3. Eye Catching Tile. We’ve seen some great tile over the years, but there was some very interesting/eye-catching tile this year that definitely wasn’t cookie cutter. Tile can really define the character of the room. Check out these different tiles that we found intriguing!

4. Wood Accents and Floors-You’d think with the prices of lumber feeling comparable to gold, there might not have been as much wood exposed everywhere, but that wasn’t the case. Unpainted wood accents were everywhere, whether it was baseboards, exposed beams, shelving, or butcher block countertops, etc. Wood was on display. White and natural wood was a very popular combo.

5. Black window frames. We noticed a trend in black window frames in a few of the houses. Mostly the ones with more of a modern or mid-century modern styling. It makes for a striking contrast. Especially when looking at the exterior of a house.

What do you think? Will you be implementing any of these styles in your home? Which is your favorite trend? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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