Schwallier’s Country Basket- Apple Orchard and More!

The weather is turning to fall and it is officially Apple Orchard season! Recently, I was trying to figure out where we were going to go as a family on a beautiful Sunday in late September. My wife wanted to go to an orchard for some cider and doughnuts and other activities. I typically don’t love going to the apple orchards- long lines, high prices, crowds- not my idea of a good time. When you have young kids though, options are limited on family activities. After some quick research on google we decided to test out a place we hadn’t been that was only a few minutes down the road- Schwallier’s Country Basket.

I was pleasantly surprised and had a great time at Schwallier’s. Prices for food and activities were fair. They also had many activities that the kids enjoyed for free including rubber duck races, a tower of hay bales for kids to climb, a slide, and goats and kittens to pet! We took a short tractor ride to the start of the corn maze. It was challenging enough to where we spent about a half hour walking around the maze with the kids but not so confusing that we ever thought we were going to have to call for help- perfect! We even split up at one point, my wife and I each taking one of our sons, when we couldn’t decide what direction to go. My wife got out first and was pretty boisterous about it!

Schwallier’s was definitely my favorite orchard I have been to and we will definitely be taking the family back there! Check out the video below for some highlights and for more info check out their website here!