Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

Congratulations! You’ve closed on your house and now you’re either ready to move-in or are waiting for possession. During this time there are a lot of things you can do to make moving day better and make your place feel like home before you even get settled in. 

Set Up Your Utilities

There’s nothing worse than walking into your home and not having power or heat. We’ve all been there during a power outage. The first thing to do after closing is call the utilities company to get all of them set up. Gas, Electricity, Water, Internet, and trash are all companies you should call set up these services so you’re ready on day one of living in your new home!

Make Interior Changes

The best time to make interior changes if you can is when the home is vacant. Changing out flooring or paint is much easier without furniture in the way. If you have time between getting the keys and your move in date, this is a great way to make your new house feel like your home and make it match your furniture or decor. 

Change Your Address

Don’t forget to tell people you’re moving! You don’t want to miss out on that Christmas card from Aunt Sue! Three of the main places where you need to change your address are your bank, the government, and the post office. You can do pretty much all of these online. You’ll need to update your driver’s license, voter’s registration, and vehicle registrations with the Secretary of State. If you have a business you run out of your home, you’ll need to update that address with the state as well. All your billing information will need to be updated at your bank and any credit cards as well. Creating a checklist of places to change your address can help organize all of this information.

Pack and Put Together a Moving Plan

If you haven’t started packing already, this is one of those tasks you want to get started on right away. As you’re packing it is a good time to get rid of items that you don’t need or want anymore. Use a sharpie, label stickers, or colored stickers to label your boxes so that you know what is in them and where they will go when moving. If you’re moving a lot of heavy things (books for instance) some plastic totes may be easier to use for holding and carrying them. Don’t forget to get your moving plan set in place. Whether you are hiring a moving company or some buddies’ trucks, having a plan in place for the big day can make it go much smoother.

Do a Deep Clean

Just like the best time to make some renovations is when a house is vacant, the same is true for cleaning. Your house will come “broom swept” which means it is not required to be deep cleaned by the seller. Once you get the keys and before you move in is a great time to either hire a cleaner or get in there to scrub the place yourself. You may also want to consider getting the carpets professionally cleaned before you move in as well. 

There’s a lot going on between getting the keys to your new home and moving in! Whether you get the keys right at closing or 30-60 days after, going into moving with a game plan is helpful to make the transition from your old home to your new home seamless and less stressful. If you need help with home renovations, cleaning, or moving, we have connections with businesses that can help you in all of these areas. Congratulations on your new adventure in homeownership! If you have any real estate questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. 

Kevin Ahrens