Top Tips for a Fun Road Trip!

A road trip is the quintessential American vacation. Whether one day or multiple days, make sure you are set up for success on the road ahead! 

Build in some flexibility-You never know what may happen on the road. Hopefully you don’t have an emergency, but if you have time built into your schedule, it will help you feel less stressed. Also being able to take time and stop and do some sightseeing along the way could just be your favorite part about the whole trip. For a lot of people, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, so enjoy it and relax!

Crank up the tunes-Good music and road trips go hand-in-hand! Whether you are an oldies junkie or a metalhead, having some good tunes playing will make the car ride that much more fun! No judgment on singing along either; it’s all part of the experience! If you’re looking for a great playlist to start out check out this Road Trip playlist from Spotify. What’s even more fun? Get your friends collaborating on a playlist to mix it up and make it fun for everyone.

Snacks and Drinks are important-Staying hydrated and full on the trip are both important. If you’re someone who can get car sick, both of those can help stave off that motion sickness. You may not be doing a ton of activity, but you can still get dehydrated and hungry, so make sure to have a little of everything. Protein, salty snacks, fruits, veggies, and even some fun sugary snacks. If you have kids, please them with some of their favorites too! All of these can help you stay alert and create a fun atmosphere in the car and save you money. Bring lots of water to drink too!

Keep the kids entertained-games, books, and other entertainment are all great ideas to keep the peace in the back seats. Playing some observation games or word games as you are traveling along are fun ways to keep kids engaged with the journey. If they are book worms, let them bring some books along to read to themselves or practice reading out loud to everyone in the car. If bringing any electronic items, double check your data plan, batteries, and bring along enough chargers as well. Make your road trips memorable and fun for the youngsters who come along, and it could be their favorite part of vacation!

Bring a Camera-Don’t forget to capture the beautiful sites and moments you see along the way. Whether you are using a cellphone, point and shoot camera, or an SLR, capturing those candid moments will help make those memories last forever! 

So if you’re hitting the road this summer, make it the best road trip ever with these tips! Do you have any road trip stories or tips? We’d love to hear them!

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