West Michigan Hidden Gems: Getty Drive-In

Currently celebrating its 80th season, Getty Drive-In in Muskegon is a relic of days gone by that can still be experienced today! Getty Drive-In is only 1 of 9 drive-in theaters in Michigan out of the hundred-plus that existed originally. It’s a unique experience that may just become a summer tradition for your family!

The History:

Open in 1944, Getty Drive-In was first known as the NK Drive-in and only had one screen! In the late 70s, three more screens were added and that is when its name changed to the Getty 4 Drive-In. Over the years, there have been many other upgrades to the sound equipment from speakers that would hang on your window to radio stations in your car, and projectors and screens, but the nostalgia is still there! There are a lot of items that are still original or have been kept, but updated a little! The concessions, arcade, and playground are all items that have a permanent place on the cinema grounds and haven’t changed much since they were originally installed!

Know Before You Go:

Getty Drive-In is open seasonally from April – October and all movies start at dusk. There are 4 screens each showing a double feature. Typically all movies are first-run features, but occasionally they will do some throwback movies. The lineups change every week, so go when you see your favorite pairing!

As you’re planning, know that you can bring things to this theater you can’t normally bring to the movies! This makes for a unique experience! Bring your dog, your favorite snacks, a blanket, camp chairs, and even cornhole for a fun night at the theater!

Ticket prices are $11-$12 per adult and $6.50-$7.50 for kids 6-12 depending on if it is a weekday or weekend.

If you’re looking for a different movie experience, Getty Drive-In is something that you should check out!

There are more Drive-In theaters in West Michigan! Sunset Hartford in Hartford, MI is a one-screen drive-in that has been around since 1948!

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*All photos owned by Getty Drive-In.*