Are Zillow’s Zestimates Accurate?

Have you ever looked at Zillow and saw a Zestimate for your house? Many people quickly view these Zestimates and believe that their home is worth that price, when the truth is different. Zestimates are a quick and dirty estimate of your home’s value based on other homes in the area, value history, and other factors. The problem is Zillow doesn’t have the most up-to-date information on your home which can play into your home’s value. Added a bedroom since you bought it? Finished that basement? Renovated the kitchen? All of those things can add value to a home, and they are items that Zillow can’t take into account until your home is listed for sale. We tend to find that Zestimates can vary by 20% high or low from the true value of your home. That’s a huge gap! They are fun to check in on, but if you want to know your home’s real value, we can help! Contact Mark to set up a free home value consultation!

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