What is the Grand Rapids Lantern Festival?

Grand Rapids Lantern Festival…what the heck is it? I had the same question! A group of friends my wife and I hang out with said let’s go see the lanterns. I have to be honest, I was like…. Ok. It felt like one of those things you do with low expectations, and focus on the group going to be the fun and entertainment. Boy was I wrong!

I was picturing the zoo displaying those wax paper bags with candles in them on the walkways. Instead this experience was amazing! There was so much color, artistry, and energy around this place! The artist creates animals and shapes by forming metal wire, wrapping them in some type of color canvas, and shining a light from the inside! It was about an hour plus walk and never a dull moment looking at the figures.

If you are looking for a summer activity to take the date or family, don’t be like me and totally under estimate what you are about to see! This event runs through June 15 and there are limited tickets. Gated entry is every 1/2 hour, but you can stay as long as the park is open! Tickets are $24/person or a 4 pack for $75. Check out my video recap below!

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Mark Deering