Win Tickets to the Ultimate Sports Show!

It’s the time of year when it feels like there isn’t much going on in the outdoor world. Waiting for big-time summer fishing and turkey season can make one antsy. This year with not much ice for ice fishing, I’m feeling the funk! I am looking forward to The Ultimate Sports Show, though! This show is so impressive! The trout pond, “Lake Ultimate” (a 110,000 “lake”), tons of antique lures, woodcarvers, and a rock wall! It’s a great time for those outdoor families to enjoy an afternoon, I know I have some great memories surrounding this show! We have an opportunity for you to win a pair of tickets to the show! Just enter your information in the form below to be entered. The winner will be contacted on March 5! (Winner was Holly Haywood! Congratulations! Thanks for entering.)

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Maybe we’ll bump into each other at the show!

Wyatt Boetsma
[email protected]