Why Live in Westside Connection Neighborhood? 1926 Oak Hollow NW, Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is so diverse and each area offers something unique! It’s one of the things we love about this city. You can choose to live right in the heart of the city or in areas that feel more small town like Gaslight Village and yet you are still in Grand Rapids. The Northwest side of Grand Rapids is no different and especially Westside Connection! Where is Westside connection? It covers most of the area between Standale and downtown Grand Rapids.  Below are some reasons why we you should look at living in the Westside Connection Area!

  1. Suburban Feel Close to Downtown. Living on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids gives you the best of both worlds. Driving around the Northwest side houses are little more spread apart with bigger lawns and neighborhoods with older and newer houses. There aren’t the big city buildings but you have plenty of stores and amenities for your basic needs. Yet, drive just a short ways, and you’ll see the Grand Rapids city sky line, and experiencing the big city scene is easy to access.
  2. Amazing Parks. If you love being near parks for the kids or to have a nice quiet area to take a walk or jog, the Northwest side has some of the best parks in Grand Rapids! For trails, Aman Park, Blanford Nature Center, and the Fred Meijer Trail make for some great walking trails. Millennium Park, Richmond Park, Belknap Park, and Johnson Park have some great features for getting active all year round, like pools, splash pads, pickleball courts, disc golf, sledding hills, and more!
  3. Great Job Opportunities. Grand Rapids is one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, and with growth comes jobs. Westside Connection has easy access to the downtown area for work either by personal transportation or through public transportation. Areas such as education, healthcare, and tech are some of the top markets for employment in the downtown Grand Rapids Area. Grand Rapids jobs are predicated to grow by 35.8% over the next 10 years, which is higher than the national job growth. (bestplaces.com)

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